Perimeter Pest Control

Several of our clients have tried our perimeter pest control program and loved it! The purpose of these treatments is to effectively control insects from coming into your house while reducing your exposure to pesticides.

How it Works

  1. Inspection: We thoroughly inspect your home to identify conditions that encourage infestations and to look for entry or access points.
  2. Perimeter Protection: We establish a protective barrier around your home using products proven to keep pests out.
  3. Interior Treatment: Since our goal is to reduce pesticide useage inside the house, we only treat inside for pests you are currently seeing inside your home or business.
  4. Monitoring and Prevention: Once the barrier is in place, we schedule quarterly treatments to maintain the barrier in order to prevent future pest entry.


The typical cost is $75 per treatment for a household. If you have additional structures on your property that you want us to treat, there may be an additional charge. We come out 4 times a year so an entire year of treatments is only $300. And if you prepay you can save an additional $15 for a total annual cost of only $285.

Our Guarantee

As you know, at Southern Lawn & Pest we stand behind our work. If you experience a problem with pests in between treatments, we will come back to address that issue for you at no additional cost.