Perimeter Pest Control

As the temperature start to drop, insects and other critters will start seeking shelter inside your home. Protect your home from a pest invasion by having our certified and trained technicians do a perimeter pest control treatment for you.

These treatments keep pesticides out of your home because we control the insects BEFORE they get in.

Our technicians will spray 3’ up the wall, 5-10’ into the lawn and the eaves all the way around your house. Keeping ants, spiders, wasps and up to 30 other insects out of your house.

We do stand behind these treatments with our No Bug guarantee. If you have insects inside your home up to 75 days after we make the application, we will come back to treat those insects for you at no additional cost.

You only need 4 quarterly treatments per year and you do not need to be home unless you have an issue with insects inside your home that you need us to take care of for you. Give us a call to find out more about how we can keep your home bug free!