Our Guarantee

When you hire Southern Lawn and Pest for your western TN lawn care or pest control needs you can rest easy because you have made an excellent choice.  We have been creating greener, more weed-free lawns since 2006 and will constantly work to get better.  Some of the things you can expect from us:

  • Our trained technicians will be courteous and on time.  If an unforeseen event takes place and we can’t be on time, we will call to notify you of what is going on.  Your time is valuable and we respect that.
  • We will continuously train our staff to provide you with the best lawn care and pest control services available.
  •  Our equipment and vehicles will be kept clean and in good operating condition, so that your job will be done in an efficient manner.
  • If we make an application and the weeds do not show signs of dying within 2 weeks, we will come back and re-spray those weeds for you at no additional cost.  ** If it has been 5 weeks since your last treatment we will perform your next billable treatment.
  • We will periodically inspect our work to make sure that we are providing top notch lawn care and pest control services.