Why did you spray my lawn bluish-green???

We use dye on our lawns for a couple reasons.

1. To make sure our technicians know where they have sprayed and that they are getting good uniform coverage,

2. To give our clients peace of mind knowing their entire lawn was treated and we didn’t miss any spots.

Using dye is an excellent way for us to make sure we are getting good uniform coverage on all of our lawns. We also use it as a training tool. The dye helps our technicians see what was sprayed and what wasn’t, and in turn actually makes them better technicians.

A lot of people ask us if it is fertilizer. It’s not. It’s simply a dye. We choose the bluish-green color because it’s about the closest thing we can find to the natural green color of a lawn.

Once the grass comes out of dormancy, we have to stop using it because we can’t see it anymore but we will use it until then.  When the guys are using the ride on sprayers we usually don’t use dye because we have foam marker systems on those to help us keep track of where we’ve been.

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