Scalping Your Lawn

This is the time of year to start thinking about scalping your lawn. What I mean by scalping your lawn is to cut it as low as possible to remove all the old dead grass on top so that the sunlight can get to the roots of the new grass that is getting ready to come up. This lawn scalping will make your lawn green-up more evenly.Lawn Scalping

If you live in an area where its possible, you can also burn your lawn which will do basically the same thing.

When scalping my lawn, I like to lower the mower deck in increments so that I don’t end up with a huge pile of grass clippings. I try to take off about an inch at a time until I get the mower deck as low as it can go.

I’m not usually a big fan of bagging grass clippings, but when scalping your lawn using a bagger can be a big help. Just remember to take your time and go slow, so that you don’t choke up the bagger.