NOW is the time to get your lawn ready for spring!

The best time to get your lawn off to a great start is right now! Applying a pre-emergent now will prevent weeds like crabgrass from being able to germinate in your lawn this year. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is how the old saying goes and it could never be truer than when it comes to having a great looking lawn.

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent weed seeds from germinating in your lawn. Timing is vital when it comes to applying a pre-emergent in your lawn. You should put your first pre-emerge down in late winter. This way, if the temperature warms up earlier than expected, your lawn is protected from early germinating weeds. The second pre-emergent should be applied about 6-8 weeks later in March or April. The purpose of this application is to extend the control of the pre-emergent through the end of the growing season.

Our technicians have been working hard the last couple of weeks in Brighton, Munford, Atoka, and Arlington, TN to help our clients have the best looking lawns possible.   At Southern Lawn & Pest we believe it takes a dedicated team of professionals to provide our clients with the excellent service. Give us a call today to see how we can help you have a lush, weed-free lawn this year!