Mowing Height

Mowing Height

I am often asked about how high a person should mow their lawn, and my answer is always the same. How often do you want to mow it?

Because the lower you keep your lawn, the more often you need to cut it. Bermuda grass should never have more than 1/3 of its total height taken off at one time. So for the sake of simple math If your lawn is 3” tall, you can safely remove 1”.

I would caution you though to keep your mower deck height a little higher than that. I like a 3” lawn height. It still allows you to take off an inch of grass when you mow, but it also keeps your mowing intervals about a week apart.

Another question we get is: Can I let my grass get too tall?

Yes. If you mow your grass at a height above 3” you may run into the situation where your grass grows kind of like a palm tree. It’s green on top but the under growth is brown. This is frustrating because every time you cut it, you will be cutting off the green and your lawn will appear to be really brown for a few days afterward.