Lawn Talk

Every year we review our business to see what improvements we can make. We go through everything from the products we use, to our invoices and office operations. This year, we’ve made several improvements that I hope you will find helpful. First, we decided to redo our invoices so that you get more information. You will notice that now you can see who made the application, when they were there and what products they used. There will also be more detailed notes about what our technicians found in your lawn and what needs to be done to correct these issues.

We’ve also tweaked our lawn care program a little to make it better. Having weed-free and healthy lawns is what you hire us for, and we want to make sure that we consistently deliver. We’ve been getting great feedback about our perimeter pest control program as well. Our clients that use that service love how effective it is and that they don’t have to be home for the treatment. It’s always a good idea to minimize the use of pesticides indoors, and this program does exactly that. We’ve gone away from email newsletters this year to paper newsletters which you will find in the invoice bag that we hang on your door after each service.  The purpose of this is to keep you informed about what we are doing and why.

Our goal since 2013 has been “to be the Chick-Fil-A of the lawn care industry” which means that we not only provide you with high-quality services, but that we do so while providing an over-the-top customer service experience. I hope that when you see our technicians, they look like a well-oiled machine. That you can tell instantly they have been well-trained and know exactly what to do. Anytime you call our office, I hope that you are impressed by our kindness and our ability to deliver on the promises we make to you.

I have always admired Chick-Fil-A for their values, and I will be the first to admit, we have a long way to go to even come close to what they have accomplished. However, I believe it’s  important for us to begin with the end in mind so that everyone who works here knows why we are in business.

Referrals are a good indicator of whether we are doing things right or not, and we hope that you have enough confidence in our services that you want to tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives about us. If you don’t have that type of confidence in us yet or if you have ideas/suggestions for ways we can improve, I am always open to them. You can reach me at the office 901-476-8188 or by email

Thank you for business,

Steve Clark