Grub Control

As Fall approaches, we are starting to see some grub damage pop up in a few lawns. Grubs can be detrimental to your lawn especially this time of year as the grass is slowing down. The primary food source for grubs is the roots of grass. As they feed on your lawn, you will start seeing brown patches throughout the lawn. If you pull on the grass it will come up like cut sod. This is the tell-tale sign of grub damage.

Not only do the grubs do damage to your lawn, but they also attract rodents such as moles, voles, skunks and armadillos which will damage your lawn as they feed on the grubs.

Right now is a great time to protect your lawn with a grub treatment. The product we use will protect your lawn for 3-5 months. Not only will it control grubs, it will also control other food sources of rodents.

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