Leveling Your Lawn

Once you have scalped your lawn, it’s a good time to get some sand and level out those areas that are a little rough. With all of the grass off theLawn Leveling top, you can get a good look at where those rough spots are and put sand in them to smooth them out. I like to use play sand in a bag because it’s easier to handle, but if you are doing a large area, you may need to order a truck load. If you have a bumpy lawn, you will be very glad you did this once mowing season gets here.
Another tip for lawn leveling is to keep some flags with you while you are scalping your lawn and anytime you hit a rough place that you want to fix, just get off the mower and flag that spot so that when you are ready to start putting sand out, you will know exactly where the problem places are.
Don’t worry about the grass, it will grow through the sand just fine, but be careful if you decide to use dirt. Grass usually doesn’t come up through dirt as well as sand. In my experience, sand is the easiest material to use for leveling a lawn.