50K Tree Day is February 27, 2016

50K Tree Day is an initiative sponsored by the Tennessee Environmental Council to plant 50,000 trees across the state of Tennessee on one day, February 27, 2016. There are many benefits to planting trees in our communities. Trees help protect our water resources, they provide us with higher air quality and they provide an aesthetic value to our communities.

 The trees will come in bundles of five and will include each of the following: Yellow(Tulip)Poplar,  Shumard Oak,  Red Bud,   Virginia Pine,  and Dogwood. These trees will be bare root seedlings, 1-3’ tall and should be planted at least 50 feet away from power lines.

 To claim your trees go to www.tectn.org/50ktreeday/ and click on the link to Reserve Your Trees. Donations are appreciated but not required. If you choose not to make a donation simply use the code: 50KFree when you complete your order

 Southern Lawn & Pest is your local distributer for 50K tree day in the Covington, Brighton, Atoka, and Munford area.  We will be distributing trees on February 26 from 1pm-7pm or on February 27 from 8am-10am. We are located at 157 Holly Grove Rd Covington, TN 38019.

 For more information contact:

Southern Lawn & Pest, Inc.                                    

Steve Clark or Dee Lavery                                      

157 Holly Grove Rd                                     

Covington, TN 38019