Grub Treatment in Covington TN

Grub Treatment Covington TNGrubs are beetle larvae that feed on the roots of grass. Heavy grub infestations can destroy grass roots, causing the affected area to be rolled back like a piece of carpet. Patches of dead or dying turf in the spring and early fall are good indicators of a grub problem. Another good indicator is the presence of skunks, crows, or moles feeding in your lawn. Just remember that moles also feed on earthworms and other insects living on shallow tree roots.

How do I keep grubs out of my lawn?

Give us a call and we can do a grub treatment for you. There are a couple of options available. We can apply a product in the spring that will give you season-long control of grubs, but will not affect other insects. Or we can apply a broader spectrum insecticide that will control the majority of insects in your lawn for about 6 weeks.

TN grub treatmentWill a grub treatment keep moles out of my lawn?

It will definitely help, but we cannot guarantee that it will keep moles out of your lawn. After a grub treatment, moles may continue looking for food in your lawn for a few days, but once they realize there is not a food source there, they will typically leave.

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