Thatch FAQ:

What is ThatchWhat is thatch?
Thatch is the natural accumulation of dead grass and plant parts that form a mat above the soil surface. If there is only a thin layer of thatch, it creates no problem, however if the layer is allowed to reach 1″ thick or more, it can be a big problem for the lawn.


How can thick thatch become a problem?

Thatch can present a number of problems. It provides a perfect breeding ground for insects and disease. Also, excessive thatch can block out light your grass needs to grow healthy and thick, and at the same time, it decreases the flow of water, fertilizer, and air to grass roots.


How can I de-thatch?
Sometimes a method of mechanical dethatching is needed. Vertical mowers or verticutters are often used to reduce thatch. These are available from rental agencies or you can hire a contractor to do the job for you. The best time to dethatch is late spring for bermuda and zoysia grasses or early fall for fescue grasses. Aeration also does a good job to break down thatch.


For Educational Purpose Only
This page is for educational purpose only. Southern Lawn & Pest. is not responsible for damages or death to plants due to usage of this information. It is to be used as a general guideline which vary depending on the geographic region you live in, so results will vary from region to region. Remember, the best way to protect your investment is to seek professional advice for your lawn.