Lime FAQ:

What is lime?

Lime is basically crushed limestone. There are a couple different types; dolomitic and hydrated.


What are the benefits of lime?
Lime raises the pH in your soil. In West TN our soil is naturally acidic (meaning the pH is low), this is extremely important to growing healthy turf. Lime brings the pH of your soil up closer to neutral which allows the soil to release more nutrients to the grass. Soil that is too acidic causes fertilizer lock-up. Meaning that fertilizer and important micro-nutrients become locked up in the soil and unavailable to grass plants. The results of this lock-up are that the grass becomes thin and yellow, thatch may build up faster, and root growth slows down because the grass can’t get any of the fertilizer we are putting on it.

A lime application helps keep the chemistry of your soil in balance so that you can have and enjoy a thicker, greener, and healthier lawn.

We suggest annual liming for acid soils. It helps everything else we do work even better. That’s what makes lime so important and such a great lawn value for you.


For Educational Purpose Only
This page is for educational purpose only. Southern Lawn & Pest. is not responsible for damages or death to plants due to usage of this information. It is to be used as a general guideline which vary depending on the geographic region you live in, so results will vary from region to region. Remember, the best way to protect your investment is to seek professional advice for your lawn.