Lawn Renovation FAQ:

Lawn SeedingHow do I seed my lawn?
The best time for you to seed a new lawn is just before a period of rapid growth for the type of grass you are planting. Kill old lawns or weeds with Round Up or Ortho Kleenup Systemic weed and grass killer. Allow chemical to work for 10-14 days. Rototill, spade, or rake to loosen the dead vegetation, then remove the dead vegetation. Rake out any clods or rocks from the top two inches of soil. Level the ground, then add lime and a starter fertilizer such as 13-13-13. You are now ready to seed.


TN Lawn RenovationHow do I lay sod?
Lay sod as soon as possible after it is cut. Level the area to be sodded then apply some lime and 13-13-13 fertilizer to the surface. Lay the sod on top of the micro-nutrients. Fit the edges tightly together. The sod should not be overlapping on top of other pieces. Water the sod in deeply the first time, then roll with a garden roller to level it out. Keep the sod moist by lightly watering twice a day for about two weeks. Test by tugging gently at a corner. When you feel resistance then pull the middle to ensure there are no air pockets. When there is resistance then it is established and you can mow the new sod. You may start chemically treating after the new sod has been cut 2 – 3 times.

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For Educational Purpose Only
This page is for educational purpose only. Southern Lawn & Pest. is not responsible for damages or death to plants due to usage of this information. It is to be used as a general guideline which vary depending on the geographic region you live in, so results will vary from region to region. Remember, the best way to protect your investment is to seek professional advice for your lawn.