Should I Mow After a Lawn Treatment???

Tuesday, March, 28th, 2017 at 4:01 pm

We are often asked, “Should I mow my lawn after you spray?” Which is a great question. There are a few things we need to consider to find the right answer for you. First, do you have a lot of weeds in your lawn? Or is it pretty clean? If you have a lot of weeds in your lawn it is always a good idea to mow approximately 2 days after a lawn treatment is [Read More...]

Perimeter Pest Control

Friday, September, 23rd, 2016 at 7:09 pm

As the temperature start to drop, insects and other critters will start seeking shelter inside your home. Protect your home from a pest invasion by having our certified and trained technicians do a perimeter pest control treatment for you. These treatments keep pesticides out of your home because we control the insects BEFORE they get in. Our technicians will spray 3’ up the wall, 5-10’ into the lawn and the eaves all the way around [Read More...]

Mowing Height

Friday, September, 23rd, 2016 at 7:06 pm

Mowing Height I am often asked about how high a person should mow their lawn, and my answer is always the same. How often do you want to mow it? Because the lower you keep your lawn, the more often you need to cut it. Bermuda grass should never have more than 1/3 of its total height taken off at one time. So for the sake of simple math If your lawn is 3” tall, [Read More...]