Aeration Services

Core aeration is the process of removing small cores of soil 1” to 2” in length from your lawn leaving a small, hollow opening in its place. Aeration is a practice that needs to be done every year. It helps the entire weed control and fertilization program work much better.

What are the benefits of aerating?

  1. It creates a healthier and thicker turf
  2. It reduces the amount of thatch and soil compaction
  3. It allows water, air and nutrients easier access to the root system.

What happens to the cores?
After a few rains they melt back into the soil. To speed up the process, you can mow your lawn or water it a few times. As for the small holes in your lawn, the grass roots will grow into those making your lawn thicker and healthier.

Do I need to have my lawn aerated?
Power core aeration is one of the most important cultural practices you can do for your lawn.  There are so many benefits to aeration. We recommend that your lawn be aerated once a year. Keep in mind how good most athletic fields and golf courses look. They are typically aerated multiple times a year. So it is definitely a practice that has proven results.

How much does core aeration cost?
The cost for core aeration is typically 2 times the price of your regular lawn treatment for the same area sprayed with a $75.00 minimum. Or if you are interested in doing it yourself, a 1/2 day rental usually costs about $90.00.   Either way we strongly suggest that you aerate your lawn.